Photography exhibition (p)hotelgraphy 03/2014


(P)hotelgraphy is a follow up to the last years photo exhibition I’ve presented at the Artbreakhotel Gallery. Once more I primarily concentrated on artists taking part in the Carlton Arms Art Project. Most images come from very improvised and spontaneous session with painter and mime artist Andrea Clinton, who was at the time working in a room 8B of the hotel. I have also included some of my favorites from past 10 years…including photos of many friends and hotel regulars; Ivey Balderson, Andre van der Kerkhoff, Emil Tibell, Diza Hope, tattoo artist Robert Hernandez, Alex Wolkowicz of Cave Collective and legendary NY blues musician Michael Powers.

Opening night will take place on March 20, 2014 (6-9pm) along with the opening of the new rooms ‘Light Therapy’. Exhibition will remain open for viewing until March 30th.

Artbreakhotel Gallery at The Carlton Arms Hotel, 160 East 25th Street, New York, NY 11222

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