Photo exhibition at The Carlton Arms Hotel

photo exhibition at the carlton arms hotel

My involvement in the Carlton Arms Hotel’s art project has been ongoing for almost 10 years… I’ve contributed with a mural in room 11A and artwork in the lobby as well as other areas. During this time I have also photographed life at the hotel, predominantly documenting the visiting artists in residence transforming many of the hotel rooms.

When I reviewed my photographs earlier this year, I proposed to take part in the forthcoming group show at the hotel. It felt like it was time to look back at previous years of creative activity and exhibit the work in the place where all pictures were taken.

The prints are displayed as an improvised pop up installation, clipped onto washing lines, reminiscent of an old style photographer’s dark room.

Photo exhibition is open until March 21. Carlton Arms Hotel 160 East 25th Street, NYC.

Please visit hotel website for more information about other events happening at the same time.

Some of the photographs shown in the exhibition could be also found in photography section of my portfolio.

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