Michal Urbaniak, back home in NYC


Michal Urbaniak became a household name in the NYC jazz scene in the 1970’s. He was not only responsible for popularizing violin as a jazz instrument, but also one of the center  figures in shaping the entire fusion genre.

Throughout his career he performed with some of the biggest jazz stars, recorded over 60 albums and received numerous awards. Never a stranger to breaking new grounds, amongst many projects Michal created Urbanator, bringing together the elements of jazz, hip-hop and rap. Later he pushed this idea even further in UrbSymphony.

In recent years the artist was spending more time in Europe, mostly in Poland. In 2011 his biography by Adam Makowiecki was published, and in 2012 he explored a new career path, playing a role in the movie ‘My Father’s Bike’ for which he received positive reviews. The last edition of Urbanator Days was a workshop for aspiring musicians which Urbaniak held in Warsaw, Katowice, and Lodz in fall of the last year.

After a long absence  Urbaniak finally came back home to New York.  On December 14th he played with his Urbzz Band to a very enthusiastic sold out crowd at Drom NYC .

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